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Follicular Isolation Technique FIT (FUE)

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE) or also called Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) is one of the most interesting methods of modern hair restoration. Unlike FUT (strip surgery) this technique does not leave a linear scar in the back of the patient´s scalp. FIT/FUE gives more freedom to patients asking for short haircuts combined with a minimally invasive method for the extraction process.

Dr. Mwamba is removing single follicular units with greatest care and a skillful sense for perfection by the use of precision instruments. After preparing the incisions in the recipient area every single graft is artfully placed in the balding zone. Angle and direction of growth will depend on the previously made incisions which are responsible for a naturally and aesthetically pleasing outcome. No sutures are needed to accelerate recovery time since only little punches are performed on the donor area leading to a diminished healing time. A total amount of 800-1000 follicular units can be extracted and relocated in a daily session. In case more units have to be redistributed the whole procedure will extend to several days since the extraction method is labour intensive due to its need for high sensitivity and patience.